Wewak Port undergo some maintenance works

Wewak Port (pictured) in East Sepik Province has recently undergone some maintenance works to its main wharf and other facilities as well.

Four super cell fenders were installed on the main wharf under the supervision of engineers from PNG Ports' Infrastructure Division and Operations Division from October 23 to November 4, 2017.

The installed fenders comprised of steel frames (2660mm x 11OOmm x 200mm) with frontal pads and 8 circular type rubber mounted to them (2 per fender) with lifting lugs.

The existing fenders (13 in total) were installed in 2009 with new M24 bolts being installed replacing the old ones.

The initial works involved the coring of new holes into the concrete to suit M24 bolts using a hired coring machine from Savcor Australia with an operator.

Prior to the installation works the team comprising Operations Coordinator-Repair & Maintenance, Mr. Paskalis lnamete and a technical staff went through the safety toolbox procedures, issuance of safety gears and the signing of the JSA witnessed by the Business Manager-Wewak Port, Mr. Vincent Koesi.

Mobilsation and familiarisation then followed through with the team preparing all parts and gears including a 10 ton forklift to assist with the works.

Mr. lnamete and team also Inspected other engineering works including the damaged cope beam, water pump installation, catwalk replacement, defected light pole and storage yard inspection which were all attended to simultaneously.

Wewak port, owned by PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports), is one of 23 declared ports In Papua New Guinea.PNG Ports owns and operates 15 of the 23 declared ports which includes Wewak port.