PNGPCL Plans for Business Continuity amidst the COVID – 19 pandemic

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) serves the nation’s needs for the transportation of goods and people and acts as Papua New Guinea’s gateway to the rest of the world. The company plays a critical role in the facilitation of trade within PNG and abroad.

The need to continue to allow trade to flow through our ports is very important and should be allowed to happen, albeit in a much more controlled manner.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID – 19, PNGPCL has set in place stringent protocols for all vessels and crew to adhere to, this has been achieved in consultation with the Maritime Security Division of the Department of Transport, and other stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Customs, Immigration and Citizenship Authority, NAQIA and shipping agents.

The Ports of Motukea, Rabaul, Madang and Lae have been designated as first ports of entry for all international vessels. PNGPCL staff and port facility employees are required to take heed of the following regulations, that have been imposed at all Port facilities.

  1. The suspension of shore leave by crew of all international vessels calling into any PNG ports.
  2. A suspension of crew change in all PNG ports
  3. No crew is allowed on the quayside of PNG ports.
  4. No personnel from the portside are allowed on board any International vessel apart from those performing statutory functions and relevant stevedores.
  5. All statutory functions undertaken by receiving PNG ports personnel will be carried out within the PNG National Department of Health guidelines and using appropriate PPE.
  6. All vessels will be cleared in the nominated ports and port facilities as gazetted by NDoH before any expedition to any other port or remote site.
  7. Exemption to any of the above must made to the Department of Transport for their consideration.


The Board and Management of PNGPCL being cognisant that the Government may impose restrictions on the movement of the population, have in place its Business Continuity Plan, to ensure that all its port facilities around PNG remain operational.

The business continuity plan will have 4 (Four) levels of response measures, namely;

  • Level 1 ( Code Green ) – Alertness & Preparedness Measures
  • Level 2 ( Code Orange ) – Heightened Measures
  • Level 3 ( Code Red ) – Civil Unrest Measures
  • Level 4 ( Code White ) – Recovery Measures


For levels 2 & 3, non-essential staff will be asked to work from home, whilst each port will remain open as required with a skeleton staff.

PNGPCL assures the business community and the general public that it will continue to administer and facilitate domestic and international trade through its network of ports in close consultation with the relevant Government frontline agencies and our industry partners.