PNG Ports gives POM Hospital early Christmas present

The gift, in the form of an Ultrasound Scanner worth almost K150,000.00 will benefit thousands of ordinary Papua New Guineans with heart problems.

The scanner, a multipurpose device to be used for emergency cardiac scanning, can perform cardiac (heart), lungs, abdomen, major arteries and veins, liver and gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder and uterus (females) scans.

It will complement the dated scanner currently being used at the nation’s main referral hospital.

“Human life is priceless and PNG Ports stands ready as a corporate citizen with a greater purpose to help our people,” said PNGPCL acting Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse.

PMGH specialist emergency physician, Dr Bobby Wellsh and PMGH consultant physician and cardiologist, Dr Leslie Kawa, who received the gift on behalf of the hospital, said it was a timely gift to the people of PNG.

The doctors, who see up to 25 patients daily who require the use of the scanner, said they had ‘personally struggled’ to get their jobs done but sadly, lives of few patients had been lost.

“With the scanner, lives will be saved because decisions for patients can now be made at the point of care, the bedside,” said Dr Wellsh.

PNGPCL Board Chairman, Nathaniel Poya, said the shortage of medical professionals combined with the deteriorating facilities and lack of equipment was a major issue faced by government run health facilities.

 “Lives have been lost and people continue to suffer from health problems that can be treated when given the correct medical attention,” he said.

“PNG Ports is happy to help because we are contributing towards the strengthening of the Government’s vision of developing the health sector as per policy guidelines.