Piles lay foundation for new Motukea wharf

Nearly 36 per cent of work on driving the piles into the ground (pictured above) for the new international wharf at Motukea port is completed as at end of January this year.

This work commenced in September last year and is progressing on schedule.

Out of the 5 (A-E) rows of 34 piles, rows A & B have been completed and waiting to be cut off.

Piling at rows C, D and E commenced in January this year with 147 (out of 170) pile caps cast. Casting of deck units commenced in December 2016 and is currently ongoing and casting of beams also commenced in December 2016 and is in progress also.

Other works for the new wharf which commenced in December 2016 and currently in progress is the casting of concrete mattress.

Chief Infrastructure Officer, Mr. Waqa Bauleka said October 2017 is the anticipated completion date, without any extension of time being claimed yet.

The new international wharf or quay face will be 250 metres in length with gantry crane tracks while RTG tracks at the storage facilities for the international port and shipping operations at Motukea.

Meanwhile, the current international wharf (berth 4A) in downtown Port Moresby will continue to serve PNG Ports’ international cargo customers until the commissioning of the new international wharf and terminal at the Motukea port.

The intension for the relocation and construction of the new berth and associated facilities follows an extensive asset condition audit by PNG Ports of its Port Moresby Wharf and Container Terminal.

This is also part of the Government’s decision which is in line with its medium term and long term development strategies. PNG Ports after a lengthy deliberation process have opted for Motukea as the preferred site for the new Port Moresby (POM) Port area.